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Commercial Cleaning Services

We can help you invest in those who invest in you!  Our pressure washing and cleaning services are specialized.  We know keeping up with outside maintenance of any building can be time consuming and costly.  Outdoor Home Solutions is a reliable partner for you.  We look to provide you with a suite of outdoor cleaning services.  Let us be your service partner that can help you keep the outside of your commercial building looking great at a reasonable cost.  

Modern Office Building _edited.jpg

Low Soft Wash & High Pressure Washing Services

Each commercial need is different.  Let our experts help you find the best cleaning approach to making your facility look new again.

We can clean those hard to reach places, remove old gum stains and more.

Ball on Tennis Court

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis courts need their own specialized up-keep.  Dirt and organic growth love to live off the outdoor tennis courts.  

Take a little time to see how Outdoor Home Solutions can make your courts look new again!

Football Stadium_edited.jpg

Stadium Cleaning

Athletic stadiums drive large crowds and large messes.  Our cleaning services can bring life back in to your old bleachers.  

Those sticky and dirty bleachers could use a little TLC so your fans can cheer on their home town team.

Retaining Wall Installation

Sidewalks, Entry ways, Retaining Walls and more.

Whether your facility is new or old, a nice and clean building is something worth looking at.  It shows people that you are continually investing in those who work inside the building each day.

Let us help you keep your commercial grounds looking new!

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